Saturday, January 11, 2020

What do people love about Alanya Nightlife?

If you are enjoying parties on your vacation, you've probably already heard about Alanya's nightlife. Especially in the summer, Alanya turns into the ultimate everyday party place.

The Bar District, also known as Bar Street, is an area in the Alanya harbor. Most of the dominant clubs are situated there. This district is popular among visitors from around the world. Here are some tips for your vacation evenings:

Alanya Nightlife

TOP 5 favorite bars in Alanya

Robin Hood

The Robin Hood club is a perfect place for those who get easily bored with one music genre after a time. This four-floor venue plays different music in every story. If you don’t want to dance to hip-hop music, just go on the different floors and dance to Latino and Turkish music. Don’t forget to check out the amazing rooftop view while you are there.

Summer Garden

A tropical paradise a few miles from Alanya called Summer Garden is a place you can go for dinner and watch the place turn into an open-air dance floor. This beautiful garden restaurant with lakes and waterfalls and even a tank with baby sharks will totally amaze you.

Bus from Summer Garden goes back to Alanya in the morning hours.

Crazy Horse

Disco music is not your cup of tea? You are lucky that Alanya has a place to spend the night for everyone. Grab some tacos, pizza, or sushi in this relaxing Latina and Mexico bar.

The Doors

Even Rock music fans have their own place on the Mediterranean coast. The Doors club is noticeably smaller than most of the other favorite clubs in Alanya, which makes it a friendly place to chat and have a beer with friends while listening to the top of rock music.

The Havana Club

This huge two-floor venue with a capacity of 1,000 people is one of the most iconic clubs in Alanya. For its live performances and dancing shows, the Havana Club is very popular among European tourists. Entry free and drinks for a reasonable price is only a bonus for spending your evening in the Havana Club.

When you don’t enjoy clubbing

Turkish Night in the mountains

If clubs full of people aren’t exactly your cup of tea, try a Jeep Safari ride through the Taurus Mountains. This adrenaline ride will pump blood into your veins that is for sure. Enjoy the perfect dinner in magnificent Castle Hill with extraordinary views. After the ride, you can expect an amazing night in a Nomad tent, with traditional Turkish music and belly dancers.

Disco Boat

Disco Boat perfectly combines a party and the sea. Dance under the stars at the open sea while the Turkish disco hits play on the way. This party ends in the harbor at midnight and if you want to continue dancing, you can go straight to the clubs.


Bazaars are opened until midnight. Maybe the night spent shopping for souvenirs and enjoying yourself in some of the many, many restaurants around the area is the perfect idea for your evening in the Turkish Riviera.

Good to know

  • Most of the clubs open right after the sunset and the party ends at 3 a.m., some clubs close at 5 a.m.
  • Usually, clubs are entry fee-free. BUT they expect it from you to spend some cash in the clubs, not just dance.
  • Check out the happy hour, it can save you money
  • The more popular the clubs are the higher prices you can expect.
  • When clubbing until the end, you will surely need a taxi, no bus line comes after 1 a.m. If your hotel is in the district and you like after-party walks, be sure to walk in the group. It is not recommended for Alanya visitors to walk alone at the night.

Alanya is a place of unlimited possibilities through the day and night. Whether you are a party person or you like your sleep at night, vacation in Alanya is a place you wont get bored.