Friday, August 28, 2015

Animated Sales Video: What Is It and How It Works?

The sales video is a marketing mechanism that increases the conversion on your website. The visitor is motivated to perform certain actions: download a product, subscribe to a newsletter, order a service, buy a product. Today, such a video is an effective mechanism for promoting business on the Internet. Its popularity is constantly growing.

Such video is usually placed on the landing page. Visitors are willing to watch interesting videos. Therefore, the video quickly increases sales by several times. Reasons for video efficiency are obvious - high information density per unit of time and an exciting form of presentation. The message is "poured" into the visitor's head without unnecessary obstacles. The main thing is that the video is not intrusive or tasteless. In this case, you will only scare away the potential client.

Main Features of Animated Videos

The length of a typical video is a few minutes. The visitor does not have time to get bored or distracted. In this segment it is necessary to contain all explanatory and motivating mechanisms. Simplicity and appeal to your target audience are the usual companions of this video. An animated sales video has a number of differences from those similar to it. It's about image and information.

The purpose of the sales video is to sell, to make the viewer to perform the action you have planned.

Video perfectly "diverges" on social networks, when users share favorite videos with each other. So, the owner gets a free bonus to his/her marketing activities.

Despite the constant search for new formats, there are three types of video:

  • A video presentation: a guest actor or an employee of an organization voices a commercial proposal, tells about himself and so on.
  • Video commentary: visual images go in a hitch with the voice of the speaker announcing all the necessary information.
  • Sequence of videos: a creatively created video sequence without comments and live references (often animated), sometimes with musical accompaniment.

The creation of sales videos is done by special studios. The price depends on the quality level of the video and the wishes of the customer.

5 Reasons Why Animated Videos Work

  • Use motion
  • Evoke or provoke emotions
  • Combine live action with animation
  • Influence to buy product or to use a service
  • let people know you exist

Videos will help to make you unforgettable! Modern companies won't be able to find another tool for promotion that will be better than an animated video.