Saturday, January 11, 2020

Graphene Price: What Does it Affect the Most?

For graphene, price should not be the only thing to wonder! It is necessary to think about many other factors that may help to establish its ultimate cost. Let's inspect what precisely could make the value vary and why!

Graphene Price Depending on Quality and Purpose

Graphene, the thinnest but incredibly strong material, scientists discovered recently in 2004 even its existence was predicted over 60 years before. Its exceptional structure, a single-layer of carbon atoms arranged in 2D honeycomb lattice, guarantees extraordinary properties and also its versatility. What the various ways to use graphene have to do with the price tag? Absolutely everything! Please note:

  • Graphene is available in different unique qualities and values.
  • Not all the applications require the premium properties.

Forms of Graphene: Specifications and Application

  • Graphene oxide powder

    This combination of a graphene layer with oxygen and hydrogen is quite an inexpensive solution. Scientists and experts have used it, especially for DNA analysis, for other biotechnology applications and advanced composite, but also in solar panel cells, sensors and wearable electronics. It is available from €8 per 1 gram.

  • Graphene powder

    Produced in an eco-friendly way by using low temperature physical exfoliation of natural graphite in deionized water, this material is extremely thin, lightweight and flexible. Its conductivity is way better than the conductivity of any metal. The range of its application is wide and impressively multifunctional. It can change and improve properties of e.x. Adhesives, inks, paints as well as we can use it in lithium ion batteries and touch screens manufacturing. The price starts at €17 per 20 grams.

  • Exfoliated graphene

    These high-quality graphene flakes have shown so far the best physical properties, mechanical strength, predicted current conduction, etc. The production however is very difficult and complicated, so all these circumstances are reflected in its price, which can be even several thousands of euros per flake. They can be used as nanofluids, supercapacitors or conductive inks.

  • CVD graphene

    Graphene film got by the CVD method on various kinds of substrate (PET, copper, quartz or even up to customer's request) is an excellent compromise between quality and price. It is basically affordable and offers sufficient quality for almost any application at the same time. Price varies from €14 - €34 per 1cm2 based on the used substrate materials. CVD graphene can find its application in biomolecule detection , as well as in catalysts, solar panels, as a transparent conductive coating and material for computer memory, too.

  • Graphene paste

    Graphene as aqueous or oil paste suitable for the usage in the chemical and oil refining industries. It is ideal for creating various structures, coatings, and inks. It is available already from €12 per 50 grams.

Cost of Graphene - Future View

Graphene represents relatively young technology, it was firstly used not even 20 years ago. Considering this, prices are not as high as one could imagine and we could only expect they would get lower. All because of the improvements we had done in production methods, that are less time-consuming, cheaper and more effective nowadays. Constant technological progress and unique features of graphene are very promising regarding its possible widespread use in upcoming years!

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