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The Information Technology Association of Jordan (int@j) was founded in the year 2000 as an industry-support association for Jordan’s ICT sector. Building on the nation’s core asset of highly educated and skilled human resources, int@j envisages for Jordan’s ICT sector to establish the position of a leading regional ICT hub and an internationally recognized exporter of ICT products and services. int@j’s mission is to advance and promote the constituents it represents in both, the local and global markets. The association realizes its mission through positively influencing policy and legislation, offering capacities building programs, carrying out local and regional marketing activities, and providing members with value-added services that help them grow and prosper. Over the years, int@j expanded its mandate to include ICT Enabled Services (ICTES), thus extending its support to organizations that largely base their business model on technology and communications. This strategic expansion came as a natural outcome of the ICT sector’s success; following an initial period of developing core technologies, entrepreneurs seized valuable business opportunities that became gradually available, and launched enterprises that create additional jobs, generate exports, and attract investments. To name a few, Call Centers, Support Desks, and other Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) models and Gaming Development are amongst those enterprises that have been integrated within int@j’s circle of constituents.

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