Friday, August 28, 2015


Gate2Play is the first online one stop-shop for online merchants in the Middle East. Its main service is the provision of an online payment hub, which includes most of the reputable online payment gateways in the global and local spheres. Gate2play also acts as a facilitator for online merchants as they seek to localize their services. They also operate a specialized professional support center for online services. A new player in the online payment market Gate2play is geared to provide alternative approaches based on the teams’ ten years of solid experience in the payment and online service industry. Led by its CEO Muhannad Ebwini, investor partners IV Holdings, Khaldoon Tabaza, as well as Waled Baker. Gate2play’s edge among other providers is its derived solution from problems and obstacles faced during their working years.

Gate2plays’ core business is its unique online payment hub, which includes many of the pioneer and most popular payment gateways in the MENA and Europe. Gate2play is considered as a full online payment solution, where the merchants gets to maximize their sales and expansion. The other main service gate2play proudly provides is the professional dedicated support centre, a centre that has a well-educated multi-language speaking support agents, whom will be helping users of the a service/game though a licensed life chat or e-ticketing support system. Gate2play agents will not be ordinary agents, as they will be acting as customer and user acquisition department for the merchant, they will be promoting the service/game, adding more value to its community, by all possible means.

Gate2play is also building the first user experience centre in the MENA region, which will be of a great value to realize the pros and cons for the game, which will allow the merchant to focus on the high potential sides of the business.

Quirkat™, is a pioneer in the video games industry in the Middle East. The company has spearheaded the development and publishing of regionally relevant content, by capitalizing on its knowledge of the region’s history, culture, social structures, religions and demographics.This has resulted in the developmentand publishing of globally competitive products.

Since its inception in 2004, Quirkat has been veryactive in establishing partnerships and alliances with global entertainment leaders with the objective ofbecoming an icon of the entertainment and video games industry in the Middle East. Notable releases include the PC strategy game ArabianLords, the online oud-playing music game Al-Moosiqar, the Facebook fantasy football game EuroScorers andthe PlayStation™ Portable minis Basha card games. The company also operates a casual online gamesportal at The region is ripe and ready for fresh gaming titles addressing its vast cultural spectrums. The gamer community is growing steadily and is hungry for more relevant content. Quirkat addresses this void by bringing unique new Arabic gaming experiences to the region.


Founded in November 2003. Maysalward R&D(MRD) has been in the domain of mobile and Online games for over 7 years. MRD has been recognized as the leader of mobile games development in the Middle East. Based in Jordan, MRD has proven competency in Mobile and Online Game Development. Its wide range of expertise in Mobile game and application development is demonstrated by its comprehensive product and project portfolio which includes cross platform multiplayer games and social network interactive games and applications. It also includes Games and applications focused on edutainment developed in cooperation with Britannica encyclopedia. MRD’s mobile games and Online Games are enabled on technologies ranging from J2ME, Blackberry to iphone technology and online social interactive networks. Ever since its inception, MRD has strived to create innovative and high quality games for all major Mobile platforms, backed by a strong technology and R&D team.

Under a Glocalized vision, MRD has designed and developed some of the most popular Mobile games in the region. These releases include the most popular games in the region such as Balote, Trix as well as Carrom.

The depth and quality of Maysalward portfolio of games has enabled the company to become an industry leader in Middle East just a few years after of the launch of its first game in 2005 . MRD Games operates two development studios based in Amman and Irbid. It boasts a highly diverse, dedicated and professional workforce of nearly 14 developers backed by a strong management. MRD’s experienced and qualified team deals with all kinds of requirements for developing unique Mobile and Online Games.

Its Game Concept and Art team have developed a wide array of games for a number of digital platforms. MRD, guarantees the ultimate responsibility for completing projects that translate into powerful sales and informational tools for its clients.

The team provides enhanced enthusiasm and dedication to your project demands, and has the experience to take your lead and get the job done. MRD handles the execution on time, and on budget.