Friday, August 28, 2015

About us

Over the past decade, Jordan has developed a niche capacity in online content, gaming solutions, and online applications building on its strong ICT industry and environment.
The Gaming industry development has followed a number of market supporting factors including but not limited to global trend towards gaming development, Jordan’s niche in the region as a provider of quality ICT applications and resources, maturity of the Jordanian ICT sector and its companies, and telecom market liberalization efforts over the past years.

The Jordan Gaming Development Task Force is an open and independent coalition of Jordan’s premier gaming companies. Operating under the umbrella of Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan – Int@j , the Task Force’s objective is to advance Jordan’s gaming development capacity and help propel the Jordanian gaming on a local, regional, and international scale.
It is the belief of various stakeholders that Jordan stands a serious chance to become the Interactive Games (“IG”) Development capital of the Middle East, in which original content meant for the local and global market is generated in Jordan.

Capabilities of Jordanian gaming industry:

• Development and publishing of original games for multiple platforms, including high end and commercial creative capabilities, animators, scriptwriters, producers, storytellers working in state of the art studios.
• Development of social games, accessible at anytime and anywhere, multi-lingual, with ease of use in a technologically advanced ecosystem.
• Localization of games, based on unique understanding of pan-regional gamers’ attributes and preferences.
• Management of soft infrastructure that enables gaming industry, including payment gateway, customer support, community development, localization.
• Studio capability, including the development and publishing of original games for multiple platforms.
• Technology based on solid engineering capability, with capable multi-platform game development studios.